Name of presenter:

Karsten Kryger Hansen

About the presenter:

I have been working with system integration and user experience for more than ten years – the last six in the library world. Focus is on integration of systems enabling a smooth and silo free experience for the user. Co-awarded “The Azriel Morag Award for Innovation” with Kasper Løvschall by Ex Libris and IEeLU 2015 on the basis of some of the work included in this suggestion for presentation.

Intended audience:

People working with integration and development of discovery systems etc.


Buying out-of-the-box discovery systems for libraries holds great benefits, but may also introduce a struggle to adapt the system to various local demands for functionality. This can vary from a need to change certain minor things that are not configurable, to adding complex functionality for the individual user without having to re-write the entire user interface yourself.

This workshop will focus on how to extend the functionality in the user interface of discovery systems using JavaScript and supporting server-side scripts. These changes are made without altering the original code made by the vendor, and therefore builds on top of the original system. The learning objective is to get familiar with the whole idea of enriching your user interface, and provide an overview of some best practices that can be applied regardless of your chosen system.

This workshop will start by introduction to generic patterns in customization. This introduction is based on the speakers six years of experience with modifying a user interface provided by a vendor, discovering pros and cons to various kinds of solutions. Together with the experience from you – the audience – this will form the basis for working with various scenarios for making changes to the UI. These will be focused on three main areas; modifying the user interface itself, enrichment of the individual record and enhancing the search experience.

It is expected that you know basic HTML and some JavaScript can be fruitful. The workshop will start with a brief introduction to the technologies used, and you will get your hands dirty with some code. But the workshop is also intended to discuss and elaborate on the overall objectives and possibilities of extending your discovery interface, without having to code it yourself.