Name: Graham Beastall & Juja Chakarova
Audience: librarians, knowledge managers, information managers,
Workshop outcomes:
Situation Analysis; Risk assessment: internal and external sources;
Ideas with action plans to change behaviours and thinking;
Suggestions/examples of technology platforms to support service changes
Psychological uplift
Are you feeling comfortable in your role?
Do you worry about the future of library services and what the future looks like?
Join us for a “ Step outside the Box”  We are asking uncomfortable and direct questions that will  challenge assumptions and ask the fundamental questions about services, skills and technology in libraries.
Do you know what your library service will be called to do 5 years from now?
Are you a 2020 thinker? Come and join in the discussion and hear what people have to say or put your views forward in an engaging debate on the library of the future.
Disruptive technologies can affect any business or department of government today. Goods and services that are better, cheaper and packaged in new ways.
Are libraries sheltered from the impact of change? If not, how do you anticipate and prepare for upheaval and change?
We will discuss issues such as “Data Value”, “evidence led performance”, “Knowledge loss prevention”.
Are users of libraries are in the firing line as targets for automated intelligence.
Is Watson, Quill and other automated classification and narrative tools friend or foe to the librarian?
What strategies can we apply to develop these as tools to be at our disposal.
We will demonstrate how library processes have changed with a Mindjet map to chart a way through technology transformation.
If you are suffering from “Professional Depression” come and be uplifted and motivated with practical suggestions for change within a structured and friendly engaging debate.