Name of presenter: Peter van Boheemen

About the presenter: 

Peter is working at the IT department as a member of the ‘Research Information and Library services’ team.

He acts as a devOp in this team, performing Consultancy and Development tasks.

For some years now he also is the chair of ELAG

Intended audience: Anybody

Like many libraries, Wageningen University and Research library does not put much effort in cataloging books and journals it has acquired anymore.
Meta data of e-books and e-journals are generated elsewhere and are imported. Paper publications become rare.
Over the last few years more and more effort has been put in generating meta data for the output that has been created by Wageningen UR staff.
Until now this output was restricted to publications and data sets, but now we would like to extend this to meta data of electronic learning material.
The re-use of this material is highly appreciated, but the generated material is hard to find. Distance learning, boosted by the recent development of MOOC’s has strengthened this demand.
In 2015 we started a pilot to harvest local resources, starting with a repository of master theses and WUR-tv, a repository of video learning material.
In this presentation I will explain the approach we took, the problems we ran into and our plans for 2016.