Name of the Presenter: Paul Poulain
About the presenter: Paul Poulain is a software developer, involved in Open Source since 1998. He has been Koha Release Manager, is a member of the Coral Steering Committee, and has founded BibLibre, a company dedicated to Open Source software for libraries in 2008.
Intended audience: librarians with some geek flavor

Switching from a software to another is an important project, that include transferring your data from a system to an other. Paul & his company helped more than 500 libraries to migrate from a previous ILS to Koha, he has a very strong experience of all pitfall and caveats regarding data migration.

Some data have a standard: iso2709 for the catalog, kbart/onix for electronic resources, others don’t.
Exporting your data in a useful format will be your first goal. What kind of traps can you face when migrating ? How to merge different catalogs in a consortium environment ? How to enrich your data using external catalog (BNF, LoC) ? What to do with authorities, local fields, local thesaurus/indexing ? How to enrich your catalog with linked data when migrating ?
Migrating other kind of data (patrons, issues, holds, book vendors, acquisitions, subscriptions,…) will be made without standard. What is possible, what is hard and what will be failing probably ?
What can make a migration a success ?

This talk will be mostly accessible to non-developer, though some tools will be quickly presented.