Name of presenter: Henrik Bang (could change)

Intended audience: All stakeholders related to libraries, both direct and indirect
Abstract: Libraries in Denmark are first movers – meet the Joint National Library System. Systematic is currently in the midst of deploying a new Joint Library System in 94 % of the municipalities in Denmark. This is an open-source system based on recognised standards, and it provides all the public libraries and school libraries that have signed up with access to search in a large shared data repository. The Joint Library System was developed on the basis of a shared requirement from the majority of Danish municipalities. From day one, the project has therefore been guided by representatives from the municipalities participating. Organising a project of this magnitude using this form of cooperative set-up is unique, and libraries cooperating nationwide on a joint solution had not been seen before.

Our aim and focus with the presentation is to high-light the many facets in a large IT migration project. The impact on organizations and their employees, the national perspectives with one library system and all the individual gains to come and the end of the day.


How –

  •  the roll-out and the complexity in doing a national public and school library roll out. Having 98 municipalities all with several school libraries and several public libraries in each municipality. Never worked together and now soon on same system. (Exit the old and the learnings with examples etc.) Handling stakeholders and their needs in a very different environment.

When –

  •  is the right time for a shift from legacy to a new modularised Library system. What does a shift take and what new competencies are needed. Who owns the change management process and how is it initiated – because it has to or there is no exit..

Why –

  • the vision behind Joint National Library System is the exit from the old, working together and the removal of task carried out in each library. Using the same repository (bibliographic database) across the country gives a new dimension to what is possible and what data can be used to serve the public even better…


  • The process from start to end is complicated. We will focus on specific examples on how we handle the implementation of the project as we will have to interact with each library and its employees. This is more than 1500 libraries and more than 6000 employees we will train, develop and give tools for the future. To handle that process we have set up an implementation portal with all data and for all to use. It contains data for all involved and a master plan each can follow. From how to data-wash and secure clean data to how one can set up the new library system with different agency structures etc.

Aim –

  • The aim of the project is to change the library structure in Denmark. Make much better use of the technology and exit the old habits surrounding the current library world. The project and system is designed for libraries by librarians.