Name of presenters: Petra Kohorst, Vitali Peil
About the presenters: Petra Kohorst is a mathematician working at the repository group at Bielefeld University Library. Vitali Peil is a mathematician working as a subject librarian and he is part of the repository group at Bielefeld University Library. Both are active in the LibreCat group.
Intended audience: Library developers, repository managers
By developing a completely new repository software Bielefeld University Library gave its current system the last EXIT. The main reasons for abandoning the old system were its inherently complex data structures, its lack of performance and its highly time-consuming maintenance. Nevertheless, Bielefeld University Library powered (and still powers), as far as we know, the first institutional repository in Germany for research data and publications. The reasons for developing a completely new system were the general need for agile development, a new and more clearly structured architecture, better performance – and proving that one can build real world applications with Catmandu (
Actually, Catmandu is used for all ETL processes within this application.
Besides the technical part this talk will mention the high costs of EXITing some known environment and ENTERing a new one. Migrating systems almost always unveils some bad surprises, but it is a good opportunity to clean up your DATA and transform it for your future needs. Not only does this affect the current users but also the library staff, not to mention the developers who need to transcend boundaries by rethinking every part of the software.