Name of presenter: Naeem Muhammad
About the presenter:
Naeem Muhammad: Is working as a Software Architect at LIBIS KULeuven in Belgium. He holds a PhD
degree in software architecture. His current work includes research and development of software
systems in the domain of digital heritage.
Intended audience: Library, museum and archive systems administrators and engineers.
A combination of Content Management Systems (CMS) generally is needed to meet all requirements
of an organization, to manage and publish their content. However, such a setting often requires sharing
data among those CMS, which is a challenging task. The complexity increases further when automation
of sharing process is needed, especially in the case of large content base. To address a similar
challenge, where our Collective Access (CA)1 and Omeka2 systems were needed to share data, we have
developed a system (LIBISYN) that synchronizes the content in CA with that of Omeka. Although in our
setting LIBISYN is being used for periodic synchronization of data between two systems, it is also
suitable for transitioning data reliably to a new system, before exiting an old system.
A schematic diagram of LIBISYN is shown in Figure 1. LIBISYN consists of a CA plugin (Integration Plugin),
a RabbitMQ3 worker (Integration Worker) and a mapping service.