Name of presenter(s):

Ciaran Talbot

About the presenter(s):

Library Systems Manager at the University of Manchester Library. Interested in improving the student experience having been involved with the Eureka! Student Innovation Competition, the sleep pod trial, Book-a-space bookable study space trial and the ongoing Digilab events. Current interests are in moving to data driven decisions and how we can sync up the digital and physical to improve wayfinding around our Library space.

Intended audience:

Non-technical and technical Library staff.


As Libraries become more business like organisations, adopting industry standards in project and service management, have we achieved a seamless transition from building a service to running it? Or do projects fall into service rather than launch well? Drawing on recent and current projects at the University of Manchester Library;

·         migrating to the cloud based Library system Alma

·         launching BookedIn, the Library gamification platform

·         releasing a self-service mobile CheckOut app

I will explore these questions and discuss our experiences. Did we get the staff on board for transitioning to a new Library system? How do you evaluate the success of a platform like BookedIn? With the tightening of budgets and stricter controls do we still have the space for innovative projects like CheckOut? The aim of the talk will be to get people thinking about what we can do to better achieve a successful transition from project into Business As Usual.