Name of presenter: David Peacock
About the presenter: David Peacock currently manages the information Collections & Services library team at the University of Hertfordshire, in the UK. He has previously worked in nearly every single library sector: research, public, health and academic. Between 1998 and 2011 he was the Regional Librarian for the NHS Libraries in the North East of England, where he was involved in the strategic coordination of libraries and e-learning. He has previously worked at the Universities of Northumbria and Sunderland.
Intended audience: general library audience
At the University of Hertfordshire (UH) we have only very recently implemented a Resource discovery Service (RDS). We came to discovery services from a somewhat different direction from many other universities.

This has given us some interesting insights. Up until August 2015 we primarily used Google scholar as our main service for finding journal articles, instead of the RDS or federated search tool that many Institutions have implemented over the last few years.

We have just moved away from Google Scholar, as some Universities such as Utrecht have questioned the need for a commercial RDS.

Hopefully we can offer some practical insights into this debate.

Utrecht also talked about Thinking the Unthinkable and replacing the OPAC. We have also replaced our traditional Catalogue with our RD Service. We have branded the new service Library Search.

The University is only the second University in the UK which has implemented an Open Source LMS.

We explain why we made all these decisions at this time?

In addition, we explain how we used business analysts to review and improve our business processes.

What has been the impact or our services and users? We review the project after the first year.