For schedule, see the full program.

  1. The library as platform: exiting the old library system and transitioning to a new (Ken Chad; Sebastian Hammer; Jakub Skocsen) Presentations: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

  2. StabiEXIT: Approaching Microservices and User-Centered Agile Development in Libraries (David Zellhöfer)

  3. From Google Scholar to “Library Search” via Koha: A different journey to discovery Services? (David Peacock)

  4. Pity the Poor User (Karen Coyle)

  5. Journal check-in without the fuss–making a single task oriented application (Kasper Løvschall)

  6. Small data, big impact – Hands on approach to data management in co-operation with the research group and library as the linked data hub (Joonas Kesäniemi)

  7. Leaving black boxes behind: benefits and challenges of running inhouse developed eresource management and discovery systems (Annika Domin; Björn Muschall; Leander Seige; Evelyn Weiser)

  8. Trying to create “a library for learning” (Peter van Boheemen)

  9. Theater Instituut Nederland: From museum to university library (Ad Aerts)

  10. LibreCat: Transforming an Institutional Repository (Petra Kohorst; Vitali Peil)

  11. Migrating your data, feedback and experience of an Open Source support company (Paul Poulain)

  12. LIBISYN: A Libis Data Synchronizer (Naeem Muhammad)

  13. Going live? The highs and lows of getting a project into service (Ciaran Talbot)

  14. Meet the first-movers (Henrik Bang)

  15. Innovation and Inertia (Fredrik Klingwall, Niklas Lindström, Markus Sköld)