See the slides from this bootcamp.

Names: Patrick Hochstenbach (Ghent University Library) & Johann Rolschewski (Berlin State Library)

Expected time slot: 6 hours
Audience: Everyone

Expertise: None

Required: Laptop with VirtualBox installed. Organisers will provide a VirtualBox image (Linux guest system). Participants can also install their own environment, detailed requirements will be published beforehand.
Programming experience: Not required

Short description: Command Line Interfaces (CLI) and tools were the primary utilities for interaction with computer systems and programs until the introduction of the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). For many tasks they still excel GUI programs: you can process very large files, you can redirect the output of one command line tool into another, chaining them together to resolve complex or repetitive tasks. This workshop will focus on beginner and intermediate uses of the CLI: organizing files and directories, processing data, interacting with Web Application Programming Interfaces (API). Beside the standard UNIX utilities we will use tools like `catmandu` (data processing toolkit), `csvkit` (utilities for converting to and working with CSV), `jq` (lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor), `XMLStarlet` (command line XML Toolkit) and `YAZ` (toolkit for Z39.50/SRW/SRU protocols and MARC records).