Name: Stefan Weil, deputy head of the IT department, Universitätsbibliothek Mannheim

Expected time slot: ½ day (3 hours)

Audience: Librarians who use TIFF and are looking for alternatives, librarians who already use JPEG 2000 and who want to share and discuss their experience.

Expertise: Using command line tools.

Required: Laptop computer, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows, Internet connection.

Programming experience: Not necessary.

Short description:

In 2015, Mannheim University Library got 25 terabytes of image data from a newspaper digitization project. This amount of data – distributed over more than 300000 TIFF files from scanned microfilms – was much more than we already had in our digital collections and exceeded our storage capacities.

TIFF is the recommended format for archiving of digital images, but we learned that there is also a possible alternative image format with smaller image files: JPEG 2000. So we dived into that very different image format, learned (some of) its advantages and pitfalls, evaluated commercial and free tools for handling JPEG 2000 files (including OCR) and started using JPEG 2000 for our online services.

The bootcamp will focus on free tools for JPEG 2000. Participants will also learn how to set up an image server which converts JPEG 2000 to JPEG on the fly.