Copenhagen hotels may be expensive. We recommend the following:

Hotel Kong Arthur – a special rate for ELAG participants is available using this link. This offer ends April 18, 2016. It is located in a nice area of the city centre and a short urban walk from the conference venue. Also consider the neighbouring Ibsens Hotel.

Another conveniently located hotel is Ascot Hotel.  A limited number of rooms were reserved for ELAG participants at a special price; unfortunately, they have all been booked as of April 28. The hotel may still have rooms available, but that will be at regular price.

Admiral Hotel – conveniently located a short walk along the harbour from the conference venue.

Copenhagen Strand – located just by the harbour within a very short walking distance from the conference venue.

Danmark Hotel – close to the City Hall Square and Stroeget and within a short walking distance from the conference venue.

Wakeup Copenhagen – budget hotel with two locataions, both within walking distance of the conference venue.

Of course, a variety of hotels will available from your favorite hotel booking site. To find one close to the conference, note that it takes place at this address: Søren Kierkegaards plads 1, Copenhagen K .

Photo by Sigfird Lundberg; CC-BY-SA on Flickr;
Photo by Sigfird Lundberg; CC-BY-SA on Flickr;

Hostels – many Copenhagen hostels offer single-room service, making them a suitable alternative to hotels. For that reason, they may sell out quickly

DanHostel Copenhagen City is a large hostel on the harbour and a couple of minutes’ walk from the conference venue.

Urban House in the livelier part of town west of the Central station offers a variety of lodgings and prices. 20 min walk to the conference venue from a happening neighbourhood.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is just off the Slotsholmen island and a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue. A variety of sleeping arrangements, but there may be some noise from neighbouring bars.

See more hostel options from the city’s visitor agency.